City Art Gallery


Tropical Mood by 5 Malaysian Artists
8 - 21 January 2016


About the artists

Abdul Rasid Yusof
Born in 1957 in Johor, a full-time artist. He was a book illustrator for several publishing house from 1977 to 1993. He started his journey in artwork creation since 1993, focusing on the subject of wildlife, tropical landscape and maritime. He has held 5 solo exhibitions in Malaysia since 1999, including “Portrayal of Nature Heritage” (2005) and “Tropical Mood 2013” at City Art Gallery. He participated in more than 20 group exhibitions, and his works were exhibited in Malaysia, China, Taiwan, and Philippines such as Malaysian Pavilion World Expo, Shanghai China (2010), Art Expo Malaysia, Matrade KL (2007, 2008, 2010) and etc.

Ahmad Fauzi Arshad
Born in 1961 in Perak, he is a full-time artist who has more than 30 years of experience in Batik Painting. He also works in Acrylic and Mixed Media. He has held 2 solo exhibitions which are “Ahmad Fauzi Arshad” A Solo Exhibition at Khalid Batik Gallery, KL (1996) and “Fusion” at City Art Gallery, KL (2014). He has participated in many group shows locally and internationally in Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Philippines and Japan. Some of the selected exhibitions included Art Expo Malaysia (2007 – 2015) at Matrade KL, Open Show 2014 at National Visual Art Gallery and World Expo Shanghai, Malaysian Pavilion, Shanghai, China (2010).

Tan Sik Yaw
Born in 1949 in Kuala Lumpur, graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore in 1967. He has since held 2 solo art exhibition in City Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur entitled “Reflection and Reminiscence” (2010) and “Vivid Glimpse” (2013). Most of his works tend to focus on nature, conservation of old cities and scenic views of places that he has visited. His works were exhibited in Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, Brazil, Italy and Indonesia. Some of the selected exhibitions included Art Expo Malaysia (2007-2015) at Matrade KL, Asian Watercolour Expression II, Indonesia (2014) and etc.

Amir Awang
Born in 1958 in Penang. Ever since being creative in motion, printfield as designer, illustrator and art director. Well experience in broadcast over 20 years, commercial, logo design, handwriting. Involved from the concept, brainstorming, presentation, shooting, production to final delivery. Also involved with abstract and realistic painting. His solo art show “Amir Awang: Eksplorasi” was held at Lobby NSTP, Bangsar KL in 2014. He has also participated in many group shows locally from 1978 – 2015, including APS (Angkatan Pelukis Se Malaysia) Open Art Show “Bangkit” (2014) and APS Art Show Gerak Rasa Tenaga Ramli Sarip at Balai Seni Visual Negara (2014).

Mazlan Noor
Born in 1955 in Malacca. He is a member of Anak Alam Group since 1974 and has joined the APS (Angkatan Pelukis SeMalaysia) and MEKAR (Persatuan Mantan Karyawan DBP) in 2013 and 2014 respectively. He has taken part several exhibitions in Malaysia from 1975 – 2015, including the exhibition of the 5th Philip Morris Asean Art Award (1998), Anjung Riong at New Straits Times Press (2013), Gerak Rasa Tenaga at Istana Budaya (2014), ASEAN Open Show at Sultan Idris Education University (UPSI) and exhibition of UOB Painting of The Year competition (2015). In 2015, he has published an art book entitled ‘Dan Kembara Kuteruskan’.