City Art Gallery


Gunung Stong Visual Exploration
13 - 25 December 2015


About the Exhibition

<Gunung Stong Visual Exploration> features paintings created by 7 Kelantan artists during and after a trip to Gunung Stong organized by PESENI (Persatuan Seni Lukis Kelantan) and sponsored by NVADB (National Visual Arts Development Board). The main objective of the programme was to expose artists to various visual ideas with regard to Gunung Stong which is situated at Kampung Jelawang, district of Kuala Krai. It is famous for the highest waterfall in South East Asia. Still maintain its natural beauty it has attracted many local and foreign tourists to explore the region. All participants had been given three months to complete their artworks as witness in this exhibition.

Participating artists: Dr. Ariff Datoem, Muhamad Jusoh, Ismail Kadir, Lee Hock Chiu, Rosidi Semail, Sulaiman Dollah, Mohd Nawi Mat Ali, Mazuki Muhammad, Nor Hisham Ismail, Mahmood Mat, Imanordin Mohd Shah, Izzat Ab. Ghani, Baina Amin, Mohd Asri Mat Yaman, Mat Hashim Kamaluddin, Isma Aliff Ahmad, Adlan Aman, Sukeri Mohd Zain, Suhaimi Hassan.