City Art Gallery


G11 Group Exhibition
28 Feb - 13 Mar 2016


About the artists

G11 Group Exhibition features works of 11 Kelantanese artists namely Abdullah Ibrahim, Adly Zil, Iman Nordin, Mokhtar Ishak, Muhamad Jusoh, Shukri Mohamed Zain, Ismail Kadir, Mahmood Mat, Mazuki Muhammad, Suhaimi Hassan and Sukri Derahman.  The artworks were inspired by the artist’s experience of the daily life as well as culture and tradition of Kelantan.

All participating artists, age ranged from 29 from 78, are the members of PESENI (Persatuan Seni Lukis Kelantan) who has actively participating in art exhibitions locally and abroad. Selected exhibitions including <Lambaian Kelantan> series with it’s inaugural edition in 2004, the annual Art Expo Malaysia (2007 - 2015), and Prudential Malaysia Eye Art Exhibition in London (2013).