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Oriental Dreams by Smith Sein Lynn
14 - 25 December 2014

Smith Sein Lynn is a renowned artist and art educator from Myanmar based in Thailand. He was trianed in Germany and was awarded Asian Art Awards including Philip Morris Art Award and International ... (more)


Europe Sentiment II by Cheah Yew Saik
18 October - 5 November 2014

Cheah Yew Saik's long awaited solo exhibition, Europe Sentiment II, is a sensational visual travelogue that captures exotic Europe sights with his unique ... (more)




Beyond Reality by Cheah Ewe Hoon
13 - 25 July 2014

Beyond Reality is the latest solo exhibition of Penang-born self-taught artist, Cheah Ewe Hoon. Recognised as one of Malaysia’s big three of photorealism artist, the 64-years-old’s technique creates a fine sense (more)


Sometime . Somewhere by Ong Choon Hoo
18 - 31 May 2014

Born in 1965 in Penang, Ong Choon Hoo is a self-taught artist. "Sometime . Somewhere", his fourth solo exhibition, presents a series of his new watercolour works, with nostalgic subjects that serve as a (more)


Lambaian Kelantan 4
20 April - 5 May 2014

Lambaian Kelantan 4 is featuring 26 Kelantan artists from PESENI (Persatuan Seni Lukis Kelantan) (more)


Fusion by Ahmad Fauzi Arshad
22 March - 3 April 2014

Born in 1961 in Perak, Ahmad Fauzi is a full-time and self-taught artist with more than 30 years of experience in painting and designing batik. Over the years, he has held 2 solo exhibitions and participated in more (more)


Turning Point by Wong Twing Twing
5 - 19 January 2014

Born in 1973 in Kajang, Wong Twing Twing is a talented female artist, who has spent almost 20 years studying fine art in reputable art academy local and abroad, such as Malaysia Institute of Art (1990-1993)... (more)